Introducing the most powerful tool to create, share and practice Networking Lab with multi-vendors. 


Step 01
Download and Deploy


Step 02
Register and Login

Step 03
Go to store

Step 04
Get Lab and Learn


 Step 01

Download the .ova file and deploy on virtualization platforms such as VirtualBox, VMWare,...

Enable virtualization on Vmware

Enable virtualization on ESXI



  • You must enable Virtualization to run Qemu Node.  
  • You have to make sure Virtualization is enabled in your BIOS
  • If Virtualization is not enabled you will meet this warning on the console screen: WARNING: neither Intel VT-x or AMD-V found

 Step 02: Register and Login

  • Access to your box by a browser (through IP address in your PNETLab box - in my case, the IP address is:
  • Login by default account: root/pnet then complete the initial setup process. If you don't have any idea about any field just leave it default
  • After finish the initial setup, If you want to use Online Mode you need to check the connection to internet.
  • To check internet connection run commands: ping; ping, ping, ping
  • In case you can not ping to internet, please try:
    • Reset network adapter of virtualization platform (Vmware: Edit > Virtual network Editor > Restore Default)
    • Disable then enable virtual network card on your window (Vmware: vmnet 1 and vmnet 8)
    • Use only one virtualization platform (Vmware: uninstall virtualbox or hyper-v)
  • You'll be linked to the Login form.


There are two options, you can log in: Online and Offline mode (for more detail you can check this link:

Offline Mode: 

  • Don't need internet to work
  • Don't need to register. Login by default account: admin/pnet
  • Support full functions of PNETLab
  • You can only download and use Open Labs (The Labs with "Open" in the top) on the Store
  • You can not share or sell lab to the Store
  • Limit 10 accounts (Can be upgraded but require internet)

Online Mode

  • Need internet to work
  • Need to register.
  • Support full functions of PNETLab
  • You can download and use all Labs on the Store
  • You can share or sell lab to the Store
  • Limit 10 accounts (Can be upgraded)


  • If you select OFFLINE MODE: Just login by default account: admin/pnet then go to next steps.


  • If Select Online Mode: You need to create an account. Make sure your PNETLab can connect to internet.
  • If you still not have an account click on Sign Up.
  • Fill in the Sign In form and click Register. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address in 2-3 minutes. Click the Verify button to complete your registration.
  • After that, you can log into the PNETLab box and you can use hundreds of free labs



 Step 03: Go to Store

  • After login to PNETLab Box from Vmware (with your IP address), Click to logo PNETLab then you will go to PNETLab Store


Note: There are a lot of Labs from Store, and All labs are free, when you download a lab, you will get Lab file, workbook and IOS (Go to Step 4 for more detail).


 Step 04: Get Lab and Learn

  • From PNETLab Store, choose a lab as you want to practice (Example: Save Backups with Ansible)


  • Click to Get Lab button
  • Then click to Download button (Lab is included: lab file (unl),  and workbook)
  • Note: PNETLab does not provide IOS anymore so you can not see any Dependency packages. All nodes in the lab will not be able to start, to fix please refer: LINK



  • After completes download LAB (Lab file, IOS, and Workbook), click to Go to Lab button, then Lab will download to the folder: Your labs from PNETLab Store




  • Practice your lab: Open lab then Start all nodes



Lab is Simple



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